Karwa Chauth Thali Set Online

Karwa Chauth Thali Set Online

Karwa Chauth Thali Set Online

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Designer Meenakari Karwachauth Thali SetDesigner Meenakari Karwachauth Thali Set
Designer Meenakari Karwachauth Thali Set
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Elegant White Pearl and Gold Karwachauth ThaliElegant White Pearl and Gold Karwachauth Thali
Elegant White Pearl and Gold Karwachauth T...
Sale price₹1,299.00 Regular price₹1,599.00
Half Moon Pearl Gold Karwachauth ThaliHalf Moon Pearl Gold Karwachauth Thali
Half Moon Pearl Gold Karwachauth Thali
Sale price₹1,199.00 Regular price₹1,499.00
Handcrafted Red & Gold Gota Karwachauth ThaliHandcrafted Red & Gold Gota Karwachauth Thali
Handcrafted Red & Gold Gota Karwachauth Thali
Sale price₹799.00 Regular price₹1,099.00
Rajasthani Theme Decorative Karwachauth ThaliRajasthani Theme Decorative Karwachauth Thali
Rajasthani Theme Decorative Karwachauth Thali
Sale price₹899.00 Regular price₹1,199.00
Eye Catching Red & Gold Pearl Karwachauth ThaliEye Catching Red & Gold Pearl Karwachauth Thali
Eye Catching Red & Gold Pearl Karwachauth ...
Sale price₹1,699.00 Regular price₹2,199.00

Karwa Chauth thali set is an important part of the Karwa Chauth festival, a Hindi ritual in which married women fast for their husbands' health and long lives. Crafted in carved form, this set has a thali (प्लेट), a karwa (बर्तन), a chalni (छलनी), and a jug (लोटा), all decorated with elaborate designs and brilliant colors. 

The Karwa Chauth Thali Sets is made of materials like stainless steel, brass, or silver, and its high quality is fragrant with the beauty of the work. The thali is a ritual of pooja (prayer), which includes roli (sindur), rice (chawal), diya (light), and sweets (meethai). The karwa and the lota are used to hold water and offerings, while the women use the chalni to look at the moon and then look at their wives through it, signaling the end of the fast. 

This set not only provides a spiritual experience, but it also serves as a memento, symbolizing the sanctity of love and marriage. The Karwa Chauth Thali set is great to gift and gives a sense of tradition and sophistication on festive occasions.

Buy Karwa Chauth Thali online for your wife. 


All married women celebrate Karwa Chauth, which is a pure Hindu festival. The festival is incomplete without Karwa Chauth Thali. This is because all the puja ingredients, like fruits, sweets, flowers, rice, roli, kalawa, diya, turmeric, and a pitcher of water, are kept on a plate and decorated. As you can see, Karwa Chauth Thali has become an essential part of the ritual. Since your wife fasts from sunrise to moonrise to pray for your long life, how about surprising her with a stunning Karwa Chauth thali? Order Poojabox Karwa Chauth Thali online from Poojabox. We understand the traditional meaning of festivals and have created a wide variety of Karwa Chauth thalis that you can order to make your Karwa Chauth celebrations unforgettable. Each Karwa Chauth thali set is made of wonderfully designed form with beautiful decorations that will delight your wife. For those who do not get to celebrate holidays with their wives this year, presenting Karwa Chauth thali to them will undoubtedly surprise them. So what are you practicing? To show that you are the best girl in the world and make Chauth an unforgettable Create an opportunity and send an online Chauth Thali set. Order immediately!

Order the well-decorated Karwa Chauth Thali Set online from Poojabox.


Karwa Chauth is a traditional Indian festival during which married women fast from sunrise to moonrise in the hope of improving the lives and fortunes of their husbands. Pooja Chauth pooja thali is a tray or large container in which all the pooja items are arranged.  thali is an integral part of the Chauth thali ritual. Karwa Chauth pooja thali is a tray or large contathatin which all the pooja items are arranged. Pooja thali can be round or any other shape material,n be decorated with beautiful colors and patterns. Pooja thali can be made from any material including gold, silver, brass, and steel.

Here is a list of essentialfunctions.auth thali sets that women can collect for Karwa Chauth fast and other traditional functions

Sweets: Sweets are kept in the puja thali, and offerings are made to the moon during the puja. Women who have broken their fast enjoy the sweetest of sweets.

Diya’s: Two ghee diyas are required for the puja thali. One is used during the evening puja, while the other is used for the moon puja, when the woman sits on a sieve (channi) and waits for the moon to open her fast.

Fruits: During the evening puja, fruits are offered to the Lord by visiting a local temple.

Channi (sieve): A huge sieve, known as channi in Hindi, is kept in the puja thali and is used to view the moon at night.

Karwa: The water is stored in a karva, a steel glass or kalash, which husbands give to their wives to break the fast after moon puja.

Sindoor (vermilion): A pinch of vermillion in the puja thali is considered auspicious and represents a married woman. 

Rice Grains: Rice grains are considered a component of Karwa Chauth thali sets, which are universal for everything in Hindi festivals. Is equivalent.

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