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Beautiful Stone Ganesha Idol
Beautiful Stone Ganesha Idol
Sale price₹2,199.00 Regular price₹2,599.00
Diya Laxmi GaneshDiya Laxmi Ganesh
Diya Laxmi Ganesh
Sale price₹799.00 Regular price₹1,099.00
Modern Stonework Ganesha MurtiModern Stonework Ganesha Murti
Modern Stonework Ganesha Murti
Sale price₹6,500.00 Regular price₹7,999.00
Green Ganesha Face made of BrassGreen Ganesha Face made of Brass
Green Ganesha Face made of Brass
Sale price₹6,999.00 Regular price₹8,500.00
Mukut Ganesha Idol
Mukut Ganesha Idol
Sale price₹5,999.00 Regular price₹7,999.00
Attractive Laxmi-Ganesha
Sale price₹340.00 Regular price₹440.00


Welcome to the Remover of Obstacles with Exquisite Ganesh Idol Online

Our beautiful and vibrant online Ganesh idol can bring you wealth and blessings. Find the ideal idol for your pooja area, whether you want a wonderful huge idol for great rituals or a beautiful small idol for your desk.

The making of each Ganesh idol is done using traditional materials and techniques. We have a wide range of elaborate designs, ranging from intricately crafted metal idols to calm and soothing marble murtis. Browse Ganesha idols with bright colors and intricate designs, or admire handmade Ganesha idols.

Our online poojabox store makes it easy to choose the right Ganesh idol for your needs. Just check out our assortment, filter by size, material, or price, and get your favorite statue delivered straight to your home. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of online shopping by using Ganesh Ji's wonderful arrangement in your home.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Ganesh Murti

Selecting the ideal Ganesha idol for your home demands some consideration. Consider the special significance of the idol's features.

Material: Depending on your preferences, you may choose between eco-friendly clay and durable marble.

Size: Choose a murti that is appropriate for your chosen prayer or exhibition area.

Symbolism: The direction of Ganesh Ji's trunk and the objects in his hand have significance. Research your significance to find your Ganesh murti.

Aesthetics: Choose a murti that speaks to you, whether it's classic and vivid or more modern in design.

Remember that the most crucial thing is to select a murti that provides you with serenity and encourages your dedication.

Types of Ganpati Idol Available at Poojabox.


The Ganesh idol, made of amazing stone with skill, gives an experience of majesty and beauty. Its complex ornamentation and beautiful construction convey spiritual meaning, which makes it a popular symbol of knowledge and wealth.

Diya Lakshmi Ganesh is a Hindu festival symbol that represents prosperity (Laxmi), knowledge (Ganesh), and light (Diya). It is often used to seek blessings during Diwali celebrations.

The Modern Stonework Ganesh idol combine traditional art with modern forms. These finely carved sculptures represent knowledge and prosperity, making them attractive for academic and religious pursuits.

The Ganesh face made of brass is a blend of traditional craftsmanship with brilliant colors, representing prosperity and wisdom. Its elaborate design represents commitment and promotes the prosperity of cultural heritage.

The Mukut Ganesha idol is a prestigious image of Lord Ganesha wearing a very beautiful crown (mukut). These Hindu ceremonies are a popular symbol that represents wealth, knowledge, and security.

Why buy Ganesh Murti online from Poojabox?

Poojabox Online provides all the necessary things to enhance your home. Our assortment of Ganesh idol for your home festival reflects all your vastu and religious wishes. Here are the reasons why you should buy Ganesh's idol from Poojabox.


  • Wide Range: Our Ganesha idol collection provides a wide range of possibilities. Pojaabox offers Ganesha Idol in a variety of designs and patterns.

  • Top Quality: We give priority to both quantity and quality. Our Ganesh idol is made of various high-quality materials like silver, gold, and ceramics, which makes it long-lasting.

  • Many Options: Visit Poojabox to discover a variety of Ganesh idol that add value and beauty to your home.

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